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Welcome to Lolly Haven, our delightful confectionery emporium, a haven for lolly enthusiasts across the nation!

Lolly Haven is a family owned and operated confectionery store located on the Gold Coast. 
In early 2022, we embarked on our entrepreneurial journey and have been experiencing continuous growth ever since.
Our reach extends to every corner of the country, as we tirelessly deliver our delectable treats to satisfied customers far and wide.
Irrespective of your age, we can assure you that perusing our website and relishing our lollies will be an enjoyable experience.
Since our establishment, we have nurtured a deep passion for the confectionery industry, expanding our product range, training our dedicated staff, and captivating a diverse customer base.
We firmly believe that you will find something special here, tailored just for you!

For more information, please visit our About Us Page!

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    New Lollies Recently Added:

    Allseps - Green Frogs
    Big Lolly - Yoghurt Frogs
    Fine Time - Laughs
    Lolliland - Red Sour Hearts, Watermelon Cubes
    Lollinauts - Rasp Lemonade & Pineapple Sour Straps
    Trolli - Berry Britecrawlers, Fizzy Soda Bottles, Groovy Mix

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